ASPE (Special Equipment) was founded in 1976 by Piero Pipitone who, after a long experience in the sector, decided to establish in Mathi its own structure dedicated to the construction of special and transfer machines to then move on to develop the new MC2 automatic tapping machines. In 1978 the first prototype of a fully automated double spindle tapping machine was born.


H.S. Automazioni was founded as a hardware and software design studio in 1997 by a group of technicians with a long experience in the field of industrial automation. The transformation over time still regards the development of electrical design with a new phase of development initially aiming at automation plant engineering to then the construction of special automatic machines.


The experience gained over the years thanks to the collaboration with many leading companies in the supply of components for automotive and fasteners allows Aspe and Hs Automazioni to start a collaboration in order to face any problem related to the machining of mechanical elements coming from stamping, turning or blanking.

The production range of both companies is widened aiming at the improvement of already well tested machines such as Tapping and Automatic Drilling Machines both in standard modules and in special solutions based on the customer's needs and developing new machines such as Transfer and CNC Lathes.

The multitude of machines built and the experience gained sees the two companies on national and international markets with a whole service able to provide complete machinery following the customer's needs.


H.S. Automazioni and Aspe decide to join forces forming the new brand HS Aspe and become part of Sacma Group, a multinational company that designs and manufactures machines in what is rightly considered, in the sector, the most modern and advanced factory in the world.

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